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Next challenge Vendée Globe: talk about the wealth of difference and board everyone from the general public with us to change the society’s mind
about difference

Yes, Difference
is a strength
that should be developed

Altavia is a sponsor of the project COMMEUNSEULHOMME (French expression meaning “Stand As One”), carried by Eric Bellion in order to promote difference.

Since the very first moment we met Eric Bellion, we knew that we were sharing a common vision of success: yes, difference is a strength that should be developed…

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The boat and its challenges


Eric’s boat is an IMOCA 60 (International Monohull Open Class Association)… "A what?". An IMOCA 60! It is a monohull designed to be sailed alone, 60 feet-long, a little more than 18 meters, the mast height to 27 m (i.e. a 9-story building), weighing around 8 tons (more than an elephant!), with a sail area of up to nearly 600 square meters.

The boat is a true concentrate of engineering and cutting-edge technology, equipped with autopilots so sophisticated that they steer better than the skipper… Almost better… Its distinctive feature is to have a keel that swings and ballasts (tanks filled with sea water) to increase its power and two drifts or twin rudders.

Life onboard

Well… This is very far from Jay Z and Beyonce’s yacht!

No kitchen, but a mini stove, no berth, but a simple poof ball, no toilet, but a bucket, no running water, but baby wipes, no closets, but numbered bags lugged from one side to the other... and finally a ‘wall’ lined with electronics controlled by a laptop! All this to say that if you are looking for comfort, do not chose an IMOCA for your world Tour…

Life onboard

The Race

Vendée Globe

Starting November 6, 2016
Vendée Globe, is the reference race, often referred to as the Everest of the seas.

"The Everest? Isn’t it too much?"
Not at all! Some could even say that climbing the Everest is the Vendée Globe of mountain climbing! It is just the biggest sailing challenge. Just imagine… A single-handed world tour, without stopovers or assistance, 3 months alone at sea in extreme conditions: boats depart from Les Sables d’Olonne, sail towards the South of the Atlantic, cross the equator, sail in tropical zones and their alternating calms and violent squalls, circle Antarctica, pass the legendary and fearsome Cape of Good Hope, avoid icebergs, then sail the Atlantic to get back to their starting point… What an adventure! Just finishing the race is a victory in itself.

This race gets the largest media coverage and attracts a massive audience. It certainly is the most fascinating race, from the competitive and human point of view.

Vendée Globe is the climax of ALTAVIA/COMMEUNSEULHOMME, during which Eric Bellion will race for our values of better living together and human diversity.

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